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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


 august is women's month in South Africa, and I'm glad to say that we had fun. this month was definitely amazing for me. I'm glad there are people out there who care enough to empower and equip young women of south Africa. a nation without women is a dead nation.
on the 25th of august we had a QUEEN ESTHER AND MARY LIZ CONFERENCE, it was held at the university of Johannesburg doorfontein campus. we were discussing issues like women in ministry, career, relationships and beauty. the colours to wear were blue, gold, purple and scarlet, but you know African people, they wear what ever they feel good in, its almost like a norm not to follow the rules. i was wearing a leopard print top, and i feel like i need to explain my self to you guys, because Ive been saying I'm tired of people wearing leopard print. you see, I'm all for themes and stuff, i like that. i wanted to stick to the rules unlike other people. so i looked for such colours in my wardrobe, only to find i have blue, and the closest colour to gold is mustered and brown. hence I'm wearing a leopard print top, and accessorised with Gold jewels. i must say, i look really good.
 i was a bit disappointed with what some of the girls chose to wear, especially the colour blocking, it really gets to me. but who am i to judge, here's what women of honour, courage, faith and strength were wearing.

when it was all said and done, after a long day of fun.... you know youre tired, youre on flats no jewels anymore, you even wearing shades in the house... then you know all you want is your bed.

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