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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


 for some reason i adore skirts, especially long high waist skirts. i like them on people though, not me. i just dont feel comfortable in skirts that go all the way below my knees. i don't wear bum shorts either. i just want medium long. it really isn't about me, have you seen how long skirts have flooded the fashion industry. I'm not complaining. they've been here for quite a while, but i just turned a blind eye because i didn't think id love them as much as i do now. you'd wanna say I'm a bit late, but i know i rock an outfit way differently than any other  typical south African girl. if you know how to rock an outfit, you know you rock my world. i think this trend is going to stick around for a while, and i love it. id love to see more women rocking this look, especially with a denim shirt, and a gold necklace, and a nice portable funky bag.
 colour is my thing, I'm just not a big fan of colour blocking, people just over do it. fashion is seasonal, people have got to know when to let go of something. i love the orange and white look though, its nothing new, but its very refreshing, and really takes away the trauma of colour blocking. I'm still shocked that there are people who still colour block, but i have got to admit, some people know how to make you turn with them as they pass... but i have never really been a fan of it.
i like how this lady Incorporated the look, is simple and yet not so simple. the look is not busy, and that is quite nice, i love the belt and the necklace.

 what i love about this look is how its so simple and yet stylish. simple in a sense that its just a skirt and a top, but its stylish because its not the kind of skirt anyone would go for, i know i would.
 look at how long the skirt is, i love it. the whole look is just too amazing. the jacket, the bag, belt, and necklace just finish the look for me. the good thing about it is that, its not just a look for one season. you can wear this look without the jacket in spring or summer, and still look ravishing. it is spring in south Africa after all.

maybe i should start buying long skirts, they look good on people, they surely can look good on me too. if you haven't tried this look, i don't know where you've been, i know Ive been around.