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This is a time for you to splurge... honey.... set a corse on how youll dress for all seasons. be DISGUSTING!

Monday, 22 April 2013


you are so welcome in my strange world of fashion....... its a tour around what i call heaven on earth. many christians believe that you have got to experience heaven while still on earth.... well, fashion is how i do it. you know how after a long stressful week, ladies need to go for the retail therapy, but that could be anything, so i go for the fashion side of things.... this is awesomeness.... I LOVE IT!


IN A WORLD OF AWESOMENESS THIS IS WHAT YOU FIND. i could go on and on explaining what is going on here,but that is not the focus here.... i know a whole lot of people who would love to have those babies right there (shoes).... i know i'd kill to own them.THIS IS THE FASHION I LOVE.