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Thursday, 26 July 2012


you know when you go shopping with friends, you get to discover that a lot of things you take for granted are usually the best. i always looked at the old fashion mags, i call them ancestor mags, they've been here for a while, and honestly... they are growing out of me or I'm growing out of them, either way I'm falling out of love with them. recently i went shopping with my best friends, and one of them picked up a fashion magazine in one of the stores, just to browse through, GRAZIA MAGAZINE. Ive seen magazines, Ive read magazine, Ive liked them on facebook, everything you can possibly think of... but i have never seen such a refreshing, vibrant, and out of the ordinary magazine. there are a few others that i like, but for now, GRAZIA CAUGHT MY EYE. its one of those fashion magazine where you want to see more, the moment you reach the back page, you go uhhhhhhh! wishing there were a few more pages. i love it, its fashion at its best.

just a sneak pic of what you can find in the magazine

pictures available at: http://www.graziadaily.co.za

if you wanna see more, then you got to go get your own copy of the weekly fashion magazine, its to die for.