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Friday, 7 October 2011


you know when you stressed and tired like i am now, the only thing that can work and just bring some stress relief is retail therapy. i am soooo tired right now, everything in me is in pain... and i still have lots to do. but i know that getting some sleep, and later waking up and doing some shopping, you know you got it all right. even though you still have a great amount of work to do within a small period of time, you can squeeze in some bit of shopping right there. you know what is does to you? LOL....... you feel guilty that you went shopping and you are not done with what ever thing you are supposed to do, therefore you work 10 times harder than you actually would.

a bit of shopping can do me good right now, by eyyyyyy my blog takes away all that shopping hunger, and as much as i was all stressed out when i started writting this, i feel much better now. and i hope after reading this you will feel BRAND NEW. MWAH  LOVIES!