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This is a time for you to splurge... honey.... set a corse on how youll dress for all seasons. be DISGUSTING!

Thursday, 24 May 2012


 I'm lost for words..... you know the nice thing about the net is that, you get to discover a lot of things, things you know they cant be found any where else but the WWW...
I'm all for the boyfriend look above, i love love love it. its so fresh.
i guess you know by now, I'm not your typical kind of a girl, whom you just know shes gonna look a certain way, I'm different, and i love being different, that's why I'm attracted to things that are very unique.
Ive tried being simple, it doesn't work.
 i sometimes just go to net for fun you know.... just to look at what the rest of the world is wearing. but when i do find something that i like, it has to go to my blog, no doubt.
now that in south Africa, winter has finally kicked in, i so the need to search for some interesting looks, i found a lot, but this looks are the ones that made the cut for mapz-lafashion.
i know you'll love them as much as i do.
this are just a few ideas of how you might wanna look like this winter.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


 her name is zandy from mpmalanga province in south Africa.... in sotho they say "bosso ke mang" (whose boss).... in this case, its zandile.... i always tell people not to go unnoticed... for me that's a crime, that's why where ever i am, someone has to see me... if i dont get any attention.... i cringe, that's just who i am.
but its not about me now is it.... well zandy and i come from the same hood, probably even the same high school... and we got married to the same man (fashion).
shes not your typical stylish girl, shes keeps you guessing, atleast she keeps me guessing.... she is a jaw dropper. she is definitely not predictable, and she gets you thinking.
I'm not a follower of the latest fashion trends, i set trends, but hey i cant help but follow stylish girls, it's an addiction.
her style is simple but out there... not every girl can pull off such a simple and yet very stylish kind of a look.
style is not about wearing your whole closet all at the same time, or wearing all your bangles all at once, i like people who make a simple look, look so not simple anymore.
I'm all for accessories, and clearly she is too... maybe that is  why I'm so in love with her. shades, earrings, necklaces, bangles, the works.... what i love about the picture below is how she Incorporated the whole look with the hair band and the bra stripe.... I'm not even going to say much about the shades, she resembles me.... LOL i guess we love the same things. i am so tired of people going for the ordinary.... i want to see people who are not scared of embracing the art of fashion, and those shades are extraordinary.

i don't know about the colourful jeans that everybody has this days... they are nice but not for me, i don't follow the crowd.... i love the top though......it has a bit of funk, and it goes well with the pants.. i really don't have much to say about the picture, its not something new.

the picture says look at me... this is a turn around look, my kind of a thing...
short dresses.... everyone know me as a staunch supporter of shorts, but hey, i have my seasons, now I'm all for long skirts, but really now, truth be told, this is one hot number.
ahhhhha! I'm in love with her tops.... and shades.

this i can wear, the colours are well put together.... i might even wear the red pants pants too. I'm all for colour i always preach that... and i wear colour, i don't play.

nice pumps, i also love the pink pants..... and the doek.

zandy is one hot sexy mama, no doubt about that, shes one of the few stylish people i know in mpumalanga.... i must say though, she qualifies to give out advice on fashion.