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Sunday, 29 January 2012


this is just something ive been thinking about for quite a while now. i think its stupid to have all the looks and have no brain at all. i mean.. i know many of you might think the same way. but i think we missing the point in all of this. for me, being wise is not all about making that paper (money), infact it shouldnt be about that at all. happiness is the most valuable thing anyone can ever have. you notice when youre happy, other things around you dont matter anymore.
you may be wondering what could be that one thing that could give you eternal happiness... for me its the almighty Jesus Christ. you can never force people to accept him... but you can tell them about him. i think the best thing you can ever do for someone in trouble, is to give them solutions... dont add more problems to the bunch they have.
my God comes first in my life, then family, fashion is third. this are the three things that make me happy and keep me going all the time.
you probably wondering, where all this is coming from... oh well, it doesnt hurt to give people some advice once in a while, even when they didnt ask for it.
its just me being my helpful self.
the wisest decision you can ever make, and be happy with it.... is accept Jesus... and just serve him.
for me thats real happiness.