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Thursday, 23 August 2012


Every body laughed at my baby when i took her home. i remember when i bought them people thought theres something wrong with me, that I'm taking this whole fashion thing over the hills. they laughed so hard that i even wanted to take them back and get something a little decent. somehow i just decided not to. you see, i have a voice inside of me that tells to what to and what not to buy, i trust this little voice. people called my baby with nasty names, but when i rocked them on campus, people couldn't believe some one could ever create something this wonderful, i get compliments all the time when i wear them. I've inspired people to go get them. I'm glad its not every body who is brave enough to rock this.
don't tell me you don't see what i see. this is what i call fashion. this is how i used to rock them, but now i just wear them with jeans, I'm over the whole short skirts kind of a look.

a year later, i still find the attractive.

i love my shoes, don't you?

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