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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SOLANGE KNOWLES.... natural look rocks

I'm not gonna deny the fact that i love fake hair, but some people make it look like its nothing compared to natural hair. first and foremost, I'm an African... i really don't understand why i prefer weaves than my own natural hair... i just cant. but that's why we have people like solange, people who embrace their natural hair and make you wanna go natural too. I'm seriously considering. not only is she going natural, shes one of the stylish celebs in the world. i personally love colour, and she does too... so she is on my good books right now.  beyonce knowles is sexy and gorgeous, but style, definitely has to go to solange... i adore her... I don't think i would look good in my natural hair... but i will never know until i try... so..... I'M GOING NATURAL.

pictures available from: google images.

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