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Friday, 14 September 2012


aspiring photographer miss Ming lee.
i was telling someone yesterday that... once you become narrow minded and you don't familiarise yourself with different styles... you still have a lot to learn. i on the other hand have decided to embrace every style i come across... it is said that we don't stop learning, you learn until you die. Ming is one of the people i learn from. she exposed me to a different world of fashion than what i was used to. she knows how much i admire her.
i said it before, and i will say it again... i know a lot of south Africa girls could learn a lot from her.
i was going through the platinum group website a couple of days back... and the CEO MR Marcel Joubert mentioned something i find interesting he said :
What drives us is to create amazing product, to create

amazing spaces, to create amazing relationships, amazing

communities - and even to some extent a calling to

rescue South Africa from historically ‘dumbed-down’ fashion

click here to go to their website

if you dont know the platinum group, you still playing.... if you want to expose your self to the finer things in life.... visit one of their stores... its fashion at its best.
i know we have different interests... but once you fall in love with fashion.... you never go back. keep in mind that successful people are open minded.

i love fashion, and i love exploring.... let us be open to receiving what the world of fashion has to offer...

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