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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


you cannot tell me it gets better than this. this is what i Mapule Malope call true beauty.
we have always looked up to American girls for beauty, but it is girls like Karabo who have the ability to change that and embrace their true African beauty. i must say, her creator did a really good job. even though at times she might wear a weave, but she doesn't relax her hair, and she is the braids kind of a girl. i like that about her. i think she can teach a lot of African girls a little something something.

a lot of girls especially in South Africa want to look like Beyonce, or Rihanna... how about our African girls start admiring ladies like Lira. i know i could learn a thing or two from them.

African girls are gorgeous.

maybe i should make a seminar for African girls and invite Krabs as a guest speaker, i know that's a good idea.
you know i have blogged about the doek, i love love love them. this is the kind of fashion African girls should embrace, this defines us and we should be proud of it.
Ive always liked braids, thing about them is that they reap my hair off. my hair is messed up because of braiding, but if you have rich hair i don't see a reason why you should not braid your hair, but i would not advice you to do it all the time as the ultimate hair style.
i can go on the whole day talking about what  she is doing right that other girls should be copying from her. not copying per SE but taking tips. we have blogs so that we can correct our fashion flaws,. I'm not perfect and neither is she, we just make an effort and care enough to look good. i mean i care to tell you things you need to know about fashion. now you see the kind of people i associate my self with.

what i think is important for black girls is to embrace what makes us who we are. im not saying, weave and braids define us, but let us differ from any other race and embrace our natural look, our curly hair, its who we are. braid were made for us let us wear them with pride. im glad to see quite a few girls doing that these days.

if you're not learning from this girl, you'll probably never learn.

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