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Saturday, 21 July 2012

I'm all for winter and being warm in winter, but i have a problem with people who are so scared of the cold that they end up wearing, 5 tshirts, two pants, 5 leggings, every outfit they have in their closet, all in the quest of being warm. THAT'S DISASTROUS.  you can be warm in a few clothes, you know what the trick is? buy warm clothes. i went on a holiday in mpumalanga, just to relax and eat the bones of the mind, LOL. i saw the most horrific fashion sense there, i see it in Johannesburg too.... i guess these people are not exposed to blogs, the TV, magazines etc. and i don't really expect everyone to be fashion literate, but i do expect people to read and at least care enough to look good.

if theres one thing Ive learned, is to buy clothes that will look good and warm in winter, but the same clothes should be wearable in spring or summer too. I'm all for skirts and dresses this winter, wear them with warm leggings or stalkings, a warm cropped jacket, ankle boots preferably metallic.
talking about metallic, almost every one is in to it.... i love it too, i think its refreshing and out of the ordinary, be it shoes, a jacket, or pants.... they all work for me. u just have to know how to execute an awesome look. i always say, make a statement where ever you are..... metallic might work for you. METALLIC IS BOLD....... here are a couple of ideas on how you can work it out:

your life might just change if you knew how to dress well.

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