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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

THE STORY OF MY LIFE: i was born for this

this is just a series of photos i have taken over the years, you may notice that in some pics im a bit bigger than i actually am now. however, that is not important, i started out loving piercings like no one's business... then i moved to the hip hop swagg, which didnt last for even a month.... i then realised that, im a girly girl, i dont wear sneakers to save my life, i hate them... from there, i realised that im different from any other normal, typical student at the university of johannesburg... im stylish... *im glad people see it* this is how the last three years has been for me.

at some point in my life, (2010) i decided to cut my hair... i have no idea why, but damn i looked hot in that haircut. it was one of those moments where i loved dresses, i hate them now.

 OMG a night out with my rummie at vacca matta, monte casino johannesburg...  some how people thought my rummie and i are twins... LOL. thats DJ fresh.... the best DJ alive.
 oh no we dont know him.... no we dont

 i dont know what to say about this, but it was the year 2010 in december.... lovely!
 the year 2011 at UJ....
 february 2011.... kick starting my modelling career...
 just in case youre wondering... i wouldnt go out with something that short.
i realised i had gained weight, a lot of it.... i worked it all off.... and this were the results... and for the record, i was never a big girl.... never!

21st birthday party.... june 2011

oh but those babies.... i mean those boots, arent they jusy lovely?

just did my hair and the wind is messing it all up

2011 pout of the year.

the start of my gold and black hair.... what a lovely season.

 just felt like taking a pic
 2011 UJ freshers ball.... soweto campus
 a body to die for....
 my gangstar look.... im not sure if it works for me...hmmmmm!
 sipping on my cocktail
 the jungle roar.... GO LEARPARD PRINT... yeah! 2011 memories
 i just had too much makeup... but i love the pic
 colour is trendy! enough said.
 friends for ever... one of my stylish friends.
finally we get to a 2012 pic.... i wasnt going anywhere, i just wanted to take a pic... i love my butt.... LOL

just yesterday..... the most recent pic i took

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