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Sunday, 19 February 2012


I APPRECIATE GOOD WORK WHEN I SEE IT. i mean, its all i can do. i love people who take pride in what they do, either fashion or something else. i just came across a blog on google street style book its a lovely blog. i was just searching for some street style looks on google, and BOOM, this amazing site just had to come up. I'm in love with it. so i took some photos from the blog.

as i was browsing, i noticed that the blogger focuses more on the dresses than anything else on this photos, i personally couldnt take my eyes off this shoes, they are lovely and so stylish. last time i checked, MR PRICE had them, and they were only R120.00 the nice part about it is that they had them in all colours. the shoes are lovely.

this photo has some vintage feel to it, its lovely. i call people of the 50s and 60s our ancestors... no offence, i just mean that, they brought something good into to this world. fashion comes a long way, it came even before the 50s and 60s im talking about. but they just brought so much joy in to my life... I LOVE PURE VINTAGE CLOTHES, with no alterations.

wether or not, i wasnt interested in browsing through the blog,the one thing that made me look at it in the first place is this picture. the dress and the boyfriend jacket are to die for. certain things just make you fall deeper in love with fashion. there isnt any other direction for me, i just wonder if *deeper* is a direction, because i see, im just going deeper. this chick has style for days.

this dress looks like a door mat... lol i love it though, it is so unique, its gorgeous.
sometimes i ask my self... "why do i keep falling deeper and deeper... it seems like theres no end" but hey, who am i to complain.... im an addict, im not going to call it a bad habit, for me its the best habit i have ever engaged my self into.

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