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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


OK FIRST OF ALL... i would love to say that, i adore the colour orange. its is so out there and lovely... especially now that its summer... i must say though, i don't see a lot of orange this day. i just know when ever i want to see fashionable people, i shouldn't look any further than at the university of Johannesburg kings way campus... u think you know what fashion is, well... go there and you'll see the most craziest things on mother earth. though I'm disappointed because i don't see what  thought i would see this year. orange lips.
I'm not against red and pink lips, but i think if we embraced orange lips more... this trend of colourful lips would be so lovely. but to this day, people are still afraid of experimenting... because i still see
just red and pink lips its getting boring now.
i my self love my lips when they are Sweet pink, but this days i have a new lip gloss, its orange-goldish, and i absolutely love it.
however i would love to see different colours, lets get rid of the usual and start wearing something outrageous. fashion doesn't have to make sense, you just have to love it, and i have said this a million times now.
i told girls about the new orange lips trend, in fact its not new... its been here for a while now, but a lot of people are not familiar with it.... so i thought, let me start talking about it. others laughed, and u can guess the kind of people that cracked up, when i told them about this trend. however others really loved it. and unless they see what I'm talking about they will never go for it... so I'm not all talk... her are a few pictures i got on line


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