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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


OH MY WORD.... that's all i can say.
I'm so addicted model management. if you want to be a model, a photographer or a fashionista like me, you know you have to be familiar with this sites. i came across model management when i was looking for an agency.... YES YES! i wanted to be a model. I'm sexy too... LOL.but i soon got to realise that as much as modelling is about being sexy and beautiful... the are certain things you need to have... like height, good skin, good teeth, and most definitely a boiling hot body.
i always loved fashion, its always been in me.... when i saw the model management site, i just knew i belong in the world of fashion. it is my life. Model Management is a great platform to start your modelling, or fashion career, they are constantly looking for new faces... the world's biggest agencies are there.... the world's best photographers are also there... and you know you'll get the most elegant, nicest fashion bloggs with gorgeous models. you have got to check it out on http://www.modelmanagement.com/

Portfolio Vimity

"Vimity is a creative network to connect professionals from around the world. International members share their creative talents by uploading their work to galleries. These galleries are then stylishly displayed in relevant visual media categories, which makes it easier for creative professionals to be seen and hired".( available from:http://www.vimity.com/my/page/what_is_vimity/)


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