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Monday, 5 December 2011


Lord have mercy on y'all,s soul... goodness please give us a break on them leopard print clothes, you are over doing it now... gees! everywhere i go, its leopard print, its on my face... and its irritating. if the res one fashion trend that went berserk, gosh it has to be this animal print thing. i heard one fashion designer in south Africa saying leopard print is so African, and it is not going anywhere, its been here since forever... ja, that's because it wasn't SO common. back in the day, people used to look super sexy in animal print clothes, now it has turned in to something so common it really gets to me. i wish people could just stop wit it now... it is annoying. even a tiny little baby is wearing leopard print, the oldest ladies are also wearing leopard print, I'm sorry, but the designers can now stop producing this things... because certain people are just messing up the trend, they do not know how to dress for it, i mean, how can you wear leopard print leggings, or a dress, with leopard print shoes.... Lord have mercy.... south Africa needs urgent help.
GIVE US A BREAK... PLEASE *BEGGING* you notice how many times i mention "leopard print", isnt it annoying?
if you gonna wear it, please dont over do it.... its so nice when you just have a little touch on it...
oh but this is sexy

 here is the bummer *sad face*
oh the dog is actually cute.

poor leopards.

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