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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


so yesterday i was online checking out some things about pregnancy and the things it comes with, some how i found my self looking at something which i initially did not intend on looking at. the nice thing about pregnancy is that, you get spoiled by your loved ones, i know some people don't get that lovely treatment others do. i for one don't have a baby, and i don't intend on getting one any time soon. but i love this little ones, they bring joy in our loves, but the stretch marks......... OH HELL TO THE NO. WOW ITS SHOCKING, I CAN TELL YOU THAT FOR SURE.
 i know what im about to show you is scary, i mean i was stuned too. it makes you think twice about falling preg.
whats scary about it all, stretch marks dont entirely go away, its been proven, the creams just lightens them.


  1. I have stretch marks on my thies under arm pits and hips boil oil faded them but they didnt go completly