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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


with shoes... you can never go wrong, my word.... HOW I LOVE THEM. you know when shoes are very expensive, well...... usually they are, GOSH! there are certain things that just cannot be resistable.....  as much as it is hard to save, it is very important as a girl to do it.... its like we have no choice. ti is illegal not to look good, infact, it should be a crime, and its penalty should be 5years in prison. LOL. any ways i love shoes and im sure yall love them too. it is not good to generalise, but shoes are amazing.

we cant always go for the cheap stuff.... yes there are nice cheap shoes, but AY! they are just normal. you know how good you feel knowing you wearing something kinda expensive? IT FEELS AMAZING......

YOU WANT EXPENSIVE SHOES? LOL.... YOU SAVE SAVE SAVE! for us girls, when youve worked hard and sacrifised a lot to get something..... it is an achievement. well if you are fortunate to have a man that will get you em shoes..... well lucky you girl, and obviously some dont even have to save to get a nice pair of shoes, they just go and get them.... if you are one of them, damn girl... HOW I WISH TO BE YOU! but lets face it, most girls cannot afford to get expensive thing for themselves..... so well, we just have to keep pushing, and SAVE. LOL or we go to down town to get them.... LOL they have some nice things there..... cool stuff. he he he!

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