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Friday, 25 February 2011


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it is usually hard for my sisters to get colors right, it takes a really brave lady to wear bold colors... what i don't get is, why are people still safe, when they can go all out and be bold. there is no better feeling than when you walk in to a room full of people and they go "WOW". most ladies usually think "what will people say?" truth of the matter is, what they say matters... you do not want to be the kind of girl, whom is known as "the fashion killer". color is very important, and this summer, we see a lot of BRIGHT, BOLD SASSY colors, follow your skin tone, and you can never go wrong. contrasting colors are sooo in, its like the new in thing. take a look at the picture below, a lot of colors right there... the point is, you can put a lot of colors together and still look amazingly HOT. BE BRAVE AND BOLD.

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